Industrial PC

PC security challenges in an industrial setting

As we move up to the supervisory layer, industrial PCs may bring greater power along with greater risk. In addition to the security measures employed at lower layers, they need secure boot to allow reliable, secure operation. OPTIGA™ TPM supports this advanced feature along with authentication and data confidentiality. For this reason, OPTIGA™ TPM is a preferred choice in many industrial PCs worldwide.

Industrial robot

Simplifying manufacturing – with security

Robotics have greatly improved the efficiency of today’s manufacturing. Because they combine sensors, motors, and controllers, they need security that addresses the requirements of all those components. The answer is a combination of OPTIGA™ Trust products for the sensors and motors to establish authenticity and OPTIGA™ TPMs for the controllers to provide integrity and identity.

Line Actuator

Securely triggering the manufacturing process

By moving the production process along, actuators are an important part of every plant. However when actuators are replaced with low quality, counterfeit parts (either accidentally or on purpose), the process can be at danger of being interrupted based on the unpredictable new part. This is why a strong protection of the authenticity of these parts is necessary and can be enabled based on the OPTIGA™ Trust E authentication solution.


Securely controlling the process

PLCs are the first line of control for industrial processes. Attackers often go after PLCs because even slight modifications to a PLC’s operations can affect the process in subtle but significant ways. Therefore, PLCs should use an OPTIGA™ TPM to authenticate all data, commands, and programs received or sent.

Router / Gateway

Trustworthy network equipment is essential

Network equipment such as routers and gateways are a central attack point since they control access to the networked factory. Securing them requires checking that their software is unchanged and that their identity can be trusted. These security measures are supported by OPTIGA™ TPM.


A secured sensor network

Sensors gather data about industrial processes. To protect the integrity of such data against attacks, strong security must be employed. A large number of sensors may be distributed throughout the plant and beyond so low cost, space, and power are needed. OPTIGA™ Trust E is the perfect match for sensors, providing strong authentication to prevent counterfeit or compromised sensors.


Securing the industrial brain with OPTIGA™ TPM

Industrial servers are the brain of any smart factory. They aggregate data collected in the factory, draw inferences, and send commands. Because of their powerful role, servers are often attack targets, which may result in loss of secrets, downtime, and equipment damage. To prevent successful attacks, use Infineon’s OPTIGA™ TPM to enable platform integrity checks and strong identity.